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  1. Markuzz

    For sale: upgraded OEM seat

    Hello fellow riders, mod-season has begun. Selling my upgraded OEM saddle. It is an original BMW R18 high seat (710mm). The foam is replaced by a professional upholster with a multi-layer touring variant. Even though it is a high seat, it rides like the standard 690mm version due to the soft...
  2. Markuzz

    Classic softbags on regular R18

    Hello gents, Quick question: does anyone know if the softbags as mounted to the R18 Classic will bolt on a regular R18? Kind regards, Markuzz.
  3. Markuzz

    Comment by 'Markuzz' in album 'Updates'

    Nice, a shame the indicator lights are (still) red. That might attract attention from the police here in The Netherlands. Waiting till they come out with the update to have amber indicator lights. I had the tail tidy on my R9T, and it's indeed a quality kit!
  4. Markuzz

    Comment by 'Markuzz' in album 'Updates'

    Nice, clean tail! Is that the Daedelus tidy?
  5. Markuzz

    Fishtail mods.

    Interesting, you happen to have a link to those dongles?
  6. Markuzz

    Fishtail mods.

    Hi Gr8adv, how did you manage to keep the flapper open?
  7. Markuzz

    Wimpy Horn Replacement

    Got myself a Bosch 0986AH0501 horn, which is basically the same as the Clarton 61338381271 except for the connector. The Bosch comes with the classic connectors. So I cut the plug from the wire, soldered the internal two wires to the connectors of the horn. Some shrink wrap around the connectors...
  8. Markuzz

    Chrome covers

    Hi all, I am considering painting all chrome parts on the engine of my R18 FE. Thus the cylinder covers (11129443751 and 11129443752), manifold covers (11619444800 and 11619444799), front motor cover (11149444854) and cover for the intake silencer (13718413913 and 13718413914). My bike is...
  9. Markuzz

    WTB Original Chrome Cylinder Head Covers

    Hi Elementul, still looking for a set of chrome head covers? If so, please PM me.
  10. Markuzz

    BMW (Mustang) Seat options breakdown

    I can second that Alex, just a few clicks back and she is more friendly on your spine.
  11. Markuzz

    BT Moto ECU Flash Group Buy and Discount!

    Hi Gents, After 8.5 years riding a BMW R9T I found a new love in the R18. One thing I notice is that rev matching on downshifts can sometimes be challenging on the R18. Sometimes it seems she just doesn't want to rev up (or chokes). Does this improve with the BT tuning? Cheers, Mark.
  12. Markuzz

    Day Rider vs Stock Seat

    Nice Niels, many thanks!
  13. Markuzz

    Day Rider vs Stock Seat

    Cool. Thanks Alex!
  14. Markuzz

    Day Rider vs Stock Seat

    Hi gents/ladies, does anyone know if the weekender or day rider seat is higher? Just like the high seat option as the stock seat on 710mm?