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  1. nielsm

    Cold weather ride

    My rule of thumb is as long as it’s not wet and below 40, I can ride. So, rain or snow below 40, I don’t ride. If there is snow or ice on the roads, I don’t ride. But there is plenty of time in the winter where the roads are clear, but it’s just cold temperatures. Different bikes can have...
  2. nielsm

    Cold weather ride

    I’ve found the lowest temp range I can go with my R18 Classic is 20F. Below that and heated grips and battery powered gloves can’t overcome the onslaught of cold air. But, the OP’s Bagger has much more wind protection. 40F, I‘m still riding my S1000R & I’m fine without any heated gear other...
  3. nielsm

    What Bike Would You Trade Your R18 for?

    I already have 4 other bikes than my R18 Classic, so I’m in no hurry to get rid of it. But, the last time I traded any bike in was 8 or 9 years ago…. I just add to the fleet. The R18 is special though, I ride it the most of any of the bikes I own. When I head to the garage and look at the...
  4. nielsm

    BMW (Mustang) Seat options breakdown

    You won’t find them. These models are only available from BMW dealers as they are BMW branded, but Mustang is the OEM.
  5. nielsm

    Modifying for Tall Riders: A Comfort Guide

    I’m 6’4” with an R18 Classic. Stock seat was painful, but the Weekender has been great & for longer rides I add the backrest. I did a 200 mile ride today in freezing temperatures and it was perfectly comfortable (heated gear).
  6. nielsm

    Engine Oil Change?

    Boxer motors are a lot of fun. I did >700 miles in my first week with the R18 just riding around locally. My GS has over 30,000 miles on it now & many of the miles are off road, including a BDR earlier this summer. I have a 50 year old R75/5 with over 20K on the odometer. I don’t do a ton of...
  7. nielsm

    Wiring harness failure

    I was on a ride and stopped my 2021 R18 Classic to fill up the tank. When trying to restart, nothing. No ignition. The station next door tried to help me jumpstart and that did show the ignition, but would not start. I called BMW Roadside and they sent a truck to bring it to the dealer. I’d...
  8. nielsm

    R18 Classic Tank & Fuel Gauge

    Everyone's level is different. Some riders do an Iron Butt - 1000 miles in 24 hours. I don't have an interest in that. I like to explore, stop & experience the places through which I travel. Yesterday, I did a tour of many lighthouses accessible on the Connecticut coast by road. I'd planned...
  9. nielsm

    50 + M.P.G.

    I assume this is the indicated MPG on the cluster rather than a measured one. On my Classic, the consumption displayed is since last reset, not lifetime. I reset mine on every fuel stop and it always indicates low the first few miles as some time was spend idling to get out of the gas station...
  10. nielsm

    (SOLD) For sale BMW Branded Mustang Weekender Seat for R18/R18 Classic and accessories

    If it helps, I’m 6’4” and found the Weekender a substantial improvement over the stock high seat on my Classic. While I wish it was a bit higher, the extra support it provides extends riding time significantly. I rode 100 miles yesterday morning to get coffee all backroads & it was fine with...
  11. nielsm

    Best place to buy OEM Accessories?

    Sorry, you’d said OEM, so the typical place for those would be dealerships. If you want aftermarket, Revzilla, Touratech, Wunderlich are typical good options. Several brands offer windshield parts and lots of generic aftermarket parts for any bike fit on the R18. Revzilla also sells some OEM...
  12. nielsm

    REGIONAL TC Groups

    If you go to anyone’s profile, you can see the location they entered on their profile. As others have mentioned, apps that view the forums may not show signatures. But, it could be nice to have a map where you could see where everyone was located. Both the signature & the profile view are a...
  13. nielsm

    Best place to buy OEM Accessories?

    You can order direct from BMW and pick which dealer to have it done thru. It will be drop-shipped to you no matter what.
  14. nielsm

    50 + M.P.G.

    Sorry, I should have mentioned, my MPG rating is based on US gallons as I’m based in the northeast United States. I know UK gallons are different so a UK MPG won’t be directly comparable to a US MPG. If your 35-40MPG is UK gallons, that would be pretty bad as 44USMPG is ~52 UKMPG & 35 UKMPG is...
  15. nielsm

    50 + M.P.G.

    I track every refueling of each of my bikes & car with Fuelly. My R18 Classic has ~5000 miles on it & has an overall average of ~44MPG. My best tank was 48MPG when I did hit some highway for an extended bit, but most of my trips are on backroads & I like the torque of accelerating out of a...
  16. nielsm

    cruise controll

    The very first production units of the R18 Pure had not options for cruise control from the factory. When the R18 Classic was released with cruise OEM, the harness and ECU was updated to support cruise & is why you can now get it on the Pure. If you had one of the earlier production build...
  17. nielsm

    This whole tire thing leaves me perplexed....

    The Bridgestone H50 also came OEM. I have those on my R18C. Usually, I don’t like Bridgestone tires, but these tires stick very well and my R18 can do 20-30 over the speed limit in the twisties. While I like the stickiness overall, the front tire will need to be replaced at just 6000 miles...
  18. nielsm

    Other BMWs?

    It’s a R1200CLC or a modified R1200CL based on the chrome on the bags et al. They came with a fairing from the factory. It only came out in 2002 and the entire R1200C line was cancelled in 2004, so they aren’t common.
  19. nielsm

    R18 Bagger headlight reflector vibrating when accelerating.

    BMW first had an adaptive headlight on the K1600 back in 2010, so it’s not the first time they’ve done this feature. But, each model has a different part # and may have variations in the mechanism. The original K1600 version was very complicated with a moving mirror setup. Generally all these...
  20. nielsm

    Iconic Pictures with R18

    Cannondale Train station (neighborhood the bicycle maker is named after) in the town of Wilton, CT.