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  1. Gerard

    Horn Connector

    Avoid what I did. I cut the wire... Here it is: https://twistedthrottle.com/shop/electronics/horns-and-horn-mounts/horn-wiring/denali-wiring-adapter-connects-soundbomb-horns-to-oem-bmw-harness/
  2. Gerard

    Vintage Copper Tank Emblems

    Ok but... How do you do if you want(need) to repaint the tank ???
  3. Gerard

    Beach bars I’m waiting

    Who will be the first to try a wooden bar ??? :ROFLMAO:
  4. Gerard

    What did you do to your R18 today?

    Nice! Is it gold plated? 🤣
  5. Gerard


    Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the tube wheels I have on my R18 FE
  6. Gerard

    Help required: Program the replacement fob

    I ordered it to the dealer for a ridiculously high price :))
  7. Gerard

    Help required: Program the replacement fob

    That looks strange. I ordered a spare key and it was ready to work with no special action needed.
  8. Gerard

    Here’s a great deal - new demo $11,000

    Fanstastic bike for free... 😄
  9. Gerard

    Intake cover mod

    Picanha sangrando só para mim 😛
  10. Gerard


    They ship them to US
  11. Gerard


    Seems to be available here for 12 € https://www.carpimoto.com/en-US/Bike_BMW_R-nineT-Scrambler-21-22/Specific/Brand_NGK/Engine-Parts/Spark-Plugs/23791_MAR8AI-10DS-NGK-MAR8AI-10DS-Spark-Plug.htm
  12. Gerard

    Customs R18

    Obviously they spend quite a lot of time at photo-shopping ... :ROFLMAO: https://www.tankmachinebikes.com/
  13. Gerard

    Retrofit cruise control

    It was one of the first delivered in France, since I pre-ordered it in 09/2019. Dunno where the production date appears. All I can find is that:
  14. Gerard

    Retrofit cruise control

    Mine was delivered in 09/2020 with all options including the CC.
  15. Gerard

    Retrofit cruise control

    It's certainly possible but the dealer don't want to manage that, and "it's not in the catalogue"... It was a very cheap option when new (around 250 €), so you'll probably need only to change the "comodo" (or whatever you name it) in order to have the switches and wires on it. I'm pretty sure...
  16. Gerard

    Wimpy Horn Replacement

    Installed the Denali SoundBomb Mini today. With no adapter I had to cut the OEM wire, but no regret, I'll never go back with the stock horn!
  17. Gerard

    Classic vs FE: Same ride?

    Reverse was optional even on the 2020 FE
  18. Gerard

    Customs R18

    Just in case of a sudden cockroach attack ? Try the flamethrower instead
  19. Gerard

    To All...

    My grand kids and I wish you all a merry Christmas and long rides for next year!