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  1. Gerard

    Pinstriping !

    I never saw before how pinstriping is done. Amazing skill!
  2. Gerard

    Trip to Sicilia.

    We started today our road trip to Sicilia from Toulon, south of France. This first leg was motorway only, Toulon to Genova. Only 4h30 riding, we did it the cool way, with a stop in Antibes for lunch on the beach. Four on two bikes. Cathy and Daniel on a Yamaha XVS 1300, Véronique and I on...
  3. Gerard

    Forum security

    Seeing the last messages, I wonder if it is possible to protect the forum from spams ?
  4. Gerard

    Chromed oil cooler cover

    These guys from Thailand are making custom parts, including an oil cooler cover, a crashbar, and an exhaust for our R18. I personally like my fishtail but their exhaust looks right. I'm not on Facebook and didn't find a website where they could sell their parts. Those with FB could try to...
  5. Gerard

    Corbin Dual Touring Saddle

    I just received it! And couldn't resist installing it immediately. They did a beautiful work. Very easy to install. I didn't ask for the driver back rest but only the passenger one, in order to keep my sweetheart aboard when pulling hard 🤣 . The back rest is adjustable and she likes the wider...
  6. Gerard

    A BMW motorcycle story

  7. Gerard

    Insurance vignette holder.

    The Europeans will be more concerned I guess. I've found, at Speedway shop, this rotating gizmo which is more discreet than the tape or the round thing we use to see. It fits perfectly on the right front tank bolt, and keeps the handlebar free to move with no harm to the close wires. And it's...
  8. Gerard

    Engine Protection Skid Plate

    I received today the Engine Protection Skid Plate from DK design. Link And installed it. All stainless. The skid itself is painted Grey or black. No special problem, strait forward job, except one washer was missing. I had some to replace it. Please don't comment my dirty and poorly equipped...
  9. Gerard


    I don't understand the use of these gizmos. Any explanation? https://www.dkdesign-global.com/product-page/dkdesign-bmw-r18-cnc-front-axle-sliders
  10. Gerard

    The Corbin fairing is available.

    Have to reckon the design is spectacular ! As is the price.
  11. Gerard

    Mirrors blind spot

    I'm really concerned by the blind spot in the mirror. So I use to put these small additional mirrors in the main ones. But the round OEM mirror is too small to accommodate them. Does anybody have found compatible mirrors , bigger, oval, and beautiful, allowing to glue the additional mirror ...
  12. Gerard

    What's the function for the shaft "pinion" ????

    So far nobody could answer that question, even at the dealership... Anybody has an idea ? Air cooling the shaft ?? This structure might be source of trouble, like catching some clothes or a scarf in it .
  13. Gerard

    Wanna ride in Europe with your own Bike ?

    In September 2019 I made a road trip in Germany and Austria with 3 US friends. Black forest, mountain passes and so on. Just a fantastic trip ! I left from my place near Toulon, France, and rode up to Heidelberg with my R1200 C Montauk to meet them. I want to talk you about a nice German guy...
  14. Gerard

    Gerard, By the Med

    Hi You all ! Just discovered this forum yesterday evening. I'm in south of France and have a R 18 first edition. I pre-ordered it in September 2019 and got it in September 2020. Got all options, Cruise control, foot boards, reverse, hill start , heating grips ,etc... My use is for cruising and...