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  1. Mr.Mow


    I’m wanting to go to a smaller headlight 5 3/4 or thereabouts. Is anyone doing a plug n play headlight? Has anyone on here replaced their headlight and is it an easy job wiring wise (I’m used to ‘3 wires cut n solder’ easy). I’m just not familiar with the wiring on these. For what it’s worth...
  2. Mr.Mow

    Hot starting issue

    My bike went in for some warranty work recently, dealer is 1 1/2hrs away, a good decent ride through peak hour traffic. Got to the dealership to find they had relocated, ok, jumped back on, hit start.. fumble and die, lightbulb warning came up on dash. After 3-4 attempts got it going. Got to...
  3. Mr.Mow

    Fork questions..

    I’m wanting to lift the front on my R18, I’m dragging the pegs everywhere …and before someone says ‘it’s dangerous, you’ll ruin the handling’ 1. It’s a cruiser and the handling is what it is 2. I’ve done it to a bunch of bikes in the past and it makes very little difference to the handling 3...
  4. Mr.Mow


    Anyone who has changed risers happen to know if there’s any reason a set of Harley risers wouldn’t fit? Ok so the factory ones are joined for stability, but hey I’ve ridden harleys for god knows how many years with seperate risers with no dramas. Lot of nice risers available for 1” Harley...
  5. Mr.Mow

    RSD valve trim

    These came on my bike and the left side received some marks during the bike being transported. I’m happy to touch up the black with some enamel, the marks won’t be super noticeable seeing it’s the left side cylinder. Open to offers as really they’re worth whatever someone wants to pay. Please...
  6. Mr.Mow

    Ripping apart the RSD seat

    My bike came with a brown fastback seat, the brown is just not my thing so off it went to the upholsterer along with a reshape, but lower all round, passenger section beefed up a bit with a not to king and queen chopper seats.
  7. Mr.Mow

    RSD wheel chrome flaking

    Anyone else got these rims and found the chrome is just peeling off? Requesting warranty but have been warned chrome and finishes are likely not covered. $8000 set of effing wheels and falling apart after a year? (Bike only has 1400kms on it)
  8. Mr.Mow

    Interesting exhaust options?

    So I see most companies are offering the same uninteresting bolt on stuff, some of the prices are just insane (Remus asking $4k for slip ons? Zard $3500 for the same?!), sure there’s freedom that are well priced but the Oz importer isn’t interested in their lineup so no accessible in Australia...
  9. Mr.Mow

    RSD valve trim question

    Just asking anyone who has these, do they install hard up against the chrome valve cover? Or is there a gasket or stand-off to protect the chrome underneath (seeing chrome scratches so easily). The bike I’m buying has them fitted, I’m not big on them but won’t see the bike until sept, planning...
  10. Mr.Mow

    New r18, Melbourne

    As requested, new member intro. After years of harleys, and a 6 month wait for a new lowrider S only to be sold back to the dealership after 3 weeks (the new M8 motors are the most bland uninteresting Harley ive ever owned), I went for something different. A dealer 2 states away had a BMW...