Bobber kit r18 classic

Anyone wants to trade your bmw r18 bobber seat for a low profile bobber seat?
I love the look of this low seat but I am 6’4 and I need to have a taller seat. My legs won’t fit.

I bought it online this bobber kit from Smith Customs Bangkok.
It took almost 5 months but finally arrived.
Their bobber kit looks great but not for my 6’4 tall body.
I bought them front and rear fender, Low profile seat( which they sent it to me with a little tiny warn spot on one side and didn’t want to return it to me), front and rear small lights and hardware, license plate side holder, and a black powder coated handlebar.

Again, I love the bobber look but I am not enjoying my rides. I am too big for that low

Does anyone want to trade my low seat for your higher seat from the bmw bobber kit?

Please let me know asap. I live in Colorado.


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