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Code cleared by itself


New member
So I'm about to tow to the dealer and fired it up for quick spin. At first the codes were still there, but after a couple of blocks they went away.

Codes were related to the engine temp and possible misfiring. Which at the time they occurred made sense (stop and go traffic coupled with some rain).

Just surprised that it cleared itself? Does it mean it's still 'in memory' and if the dealer pulled codes it would show up?

This happened about 10 days ago.
The codes were 3A1901 and 3A1DA0.
The bike seems to be running as before.


Not sure on the R18 but on all my Triumph Rockets if it's a TEMPORARY fault and I get a code, if I do 3 separate cold to normal operating temperature starts, the code clears itself. HTH!


From past experience with BMW cars, I think it will be saved in the memory. I’m sure others on here have commented about clearing historic codes too.

I don’t think the bikes are quite the same but I had a very random error flash up which I mentioned when dropping the car off for a service and they could see the fault codes as soon as the key was read. It’s still worth getting it checked out.