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Hello from LILLE in FRANCE.


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Hello everybody,
New on this forum, I introduce myself: Philippe, I am French.
I am 62 years old.
I just bought my R18 first edition. What happiness !!!
Before, I had an XV1900 midnightstar.
I had an accident a year ago, my 1900 was wrecked, irreparable.
Hospitalization and rehabilitation, and here I am again on a Motorcycle.
Have a good trip everyone.
Written with my google friend.


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Congratulations on the new Bike and your recovery and tenacity to ride again. Welcome, Let us know if we can help


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Hello everyone,
Thank you for your welcome,
the french team +1.;)
Here is my old machine, and my new one.
Good day.


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Hello Philippe

Going japanize to German. I look forward to what you think.
I have the same R18 as you. Only had it for a few weeks. I have almost always driven a honda. Time will tell with the R18.
One thing I can say about her. People love to look at her. I never had a motorcycle attract the attention of the R18.

Ride safe