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HEPCO & BECKER Buffalo 30ltr or 35ltr?


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Not sure if to get the HEPCO & BECKER Buffalo 30ltr or 35ltr?

It looks like on my R18 with the fishtails. either should work.

Not seeing on the other post what size 30ltr or 35ltr was used.

Does anyone have a clue?



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For anyone else, looking for the same answer. This is an email to me from Hepco&Becker.

Hi Willian,

thanks for your mail and request.

We usually sell the smaller Buffalo bags for the R 18, as the Buffalo big are a bit wider and does not look as nice as the smaller ones.

But it depends what you like to put inside, as the volume of the bags is a bit different

Viele Grüße / Best regards

Mathias Dzemski
Vertriebsleiter | Prokurist
Sales Manager | Authorized Signatory