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Hepco & Becker Legacy Courier Bag Set and C-Bow Carrier mounts for R18 with rain covers with keys to lock to mounts. Posted here before eBay.


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In like new condition $698.00 USD without shipping asking $400.00 including shipping within continental US.7301E297-9E45-42C4-9D48-E76B0E2F01FB.jpegE8E55009-A4F7-4341-846A-CFEBEBE9E88F.jpeg077D1D2D-969E-4F27-AD14-45140DFC13D7.jpeg24B935A7-C1BD-4CE4-A38D-EC3B2DAC02E3.jpegC0782A50-D44C-4E25-ABE2-9BA6F127B80A.jpeg}