Look for 1st edition welcome box

I purchased a used bike from a dealer as a trade in with only 22 miles. However the original owner never turned in the welcome box for the first edition.
If anyone wants to sell theirs I’m interested.
Thanks, Svtweb. But now I've gotta ask... what are the white gloves for? Detail inspection, looking for dust?

And I thought the Marines were a PITA when we had to stand for inspections.....
Um I read it...

On top of those, the pack also features a 1920s-styled BMW decorative logo set. There are three of which (a pair for the tank and the third for the front of the massive boxer engine) and owners can easily swap each into place using the specialised screwdriver tool and pair of protective gloves that comes with it too. Pretty neat, no?
Yesterday the salesman at my dealership told me that the 1st Edition package is now GONE and has been replaced with the "Special Edition". The primary difference between them appears to be that there will be no more packages with the badges, gloves and hat, but it now includes cruise control. I'd rather have cruise control myself.
OOPS! I've talked with my salesman and it turns out that the "Special Edition" does NOT include cruise control. Cruise control is an additional $350! OUCH!
It appears that the Special Addition differs from the 1st Edition only in it's lack of the "collector's kit" that had the badges, gloves, belt and hat. There may be other differences, but I'm waiting to hear about that.
The "weekender seat" is $585. The "engine protection bar" is $495.
I did not receive the welcome kit with my first edition classic. Was the dealer suppose to deliver that or would I get one from bmw in mail? Anyone know?