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R18 Side stand extender pad

Desert Rat

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Hello All,
Has anyone fitted a side stand extender pad to your bike.
I am conscious of the weight of my Transcontinental and considering fitment.
At present I use a plastic disk placed under my side stand on my tarmac drive.
Desert Rat


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No but if you find one that works well, report back! Any idea if the side stands across the R18 range are the same?

Black Dog

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In the 60s and 70s I just used a soda can. Side stands of that era tended to be just plane sound steel.
More than once saw a bike park in the heat of the day, embedded in the asphalt when the sun went down.
Same reason semis and large airplanes do not park on asphalt.
Revzilla has a selection of them.
I have a couple of these that I used for the Harley for 20 odd years.
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