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Tips on keeping the bike pristine - I live steps from the ocean with no garage


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Hello all -
My soon-to-be ex-bike (Triumph Bobber Black) came down with rust issues after the first year I owned it. I am looking for help so the same does not happen (well, maybe best case is minimize) the same from happening to my (soon to be here) R18 FE.

I am hoping to get permission from the landlord and have a 'motorcycle cover shell' installed in the driveway, but what can I do in the meantime? Or, if the landlord refuses, all the time? At minimum I will have a cover and use every night, but are there preventative products I can use?

The Bobber was immaculate when I got her. I don't want to make the same mistakes.
Thanks all in advance!

Black Dog

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Clean water rinse everyday, cover for salt spray protection.
Easiest solution, MOVE, things rust around me, but then look where I live.
Start every morning rinsing the salt mist off everything.


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I know you said without a garage but these are pretty cool.


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I have ACF on order. I just need to be careful and not to apply to the tires and brakes. Though I dearly want to use them on the rims/spokes. That rusted badly on my prev bike. Just trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is, by all accounts, safe to use on 'anything' (chrome? wires?).

Do have a DOWCO Guardian cover (happy with it!). And yeah, pending landlord, I would love to have the CycleShell (similar to BikeShield).


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Frequent rinsing and vigilance. She rusts in certain spots (bolt holes at swingarm, turn signal mounts) even without the salty air.


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I know you said without a garage but these are pretty cool.
After a month away. Here is the dirt dust and crap on the bike that was stowed under the shield. It looked like it was outside. We had a windstorm and lots of rain. The rear is not connected to the ground so under those conditions crap can get in. Ymmv.


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