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I am trying to get my flasher tool for my R 18 , I miss all offers and discounts available, any chance to have some especial attention for member of this forum? Please let me know.
Much Appreciated
My Brother in law backed into my R 18 first addition and push it over. Only noticable damage is the chrome jug cover on right cylinder. no crack - just scraped the chrome.. BOught a new one. $559 - wow
Hello. As you are someone who as installed the homage seat I have a question. I can not get one of the 4 bolts that screw directly into the seat to thread properly. Did you have any issues like this? Thank you, Symon Cousens
Doc Tom
Doc Tom
Hi, do you mean the seat frame ? I used a Wunderlich saddle with support frame, no problem with the screws (metric thread !)
Thanks for the Post about the exhaust muffler modification. That was awesome.
wondering if Matt used a plasma cutter to get inside the muffler to take out all the packing and baffles inside. any "scars" or cuts or welds to the back side of the muffler that affect the ascetics of the original chrome ?

Thank you for your time, Mark
Mark how are you doing pal, I'll take some pics when I get back home, but you can't see anything unless you were to look underneath, other than that nothing 👍
Did I miss the pics?
Yah, wondering if you were able to post pics of where the mufflers were cut open ?
I see a photo that I think you posted ? It looks like you have a Ford Auto type jack under your bike, is it safe to lift your bike by placing the jack under the engine as a lift point ???? thank you.... James
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I have recently purchased a BMW R18 from my local dealer. I have in the past owned a R80, R1100S, K1300S x2, R9T Scrambler. I never thought that I would own such a big bike again? I used to own a Victory Judge Cruiser.
How do I remove the antenna from the rear fender when making a swap
Hi tony, on the R18 frontfender thread, could you please remove your comment? I had to update my input there, since the painter/artist doesn't want me to mention the cost/price... You could comment on the revised version then... Thx in advance
hi, we have in stock 1 set of saddle bags glossy black - strong from fiberglass with all hardware, lamps, locks, cables, strip lines ..

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