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BMW incentives


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Careful there,
Talking about bargain ....

$6465.00 for Corbin parts subtracted from $21k = about $14.5k same price you can get a demo at the dealer. But, if you love Corbin parts this is a good deal seeing that there are already installed by they themselves. But ho hum on the bike price.
That's super interesting, thinking that through. BMW goes out and ties up RSD and Mustang, uses their trademark and branding, but neither can stock their own product. BMW, the organization, can't find their ass with both hands distribution wise with their dealer network, or their parts program. Corbin, the guys on the outside looking in, and Revzilla (they have stocking capacity,) are the only game in town. Flash forward to the Corbin Bike, IF that is the bike from the accessory Utube Video, there's likely 6K in retail parts, and by my calculation four years of backorder parts.


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I like the Corbin Bags/Fairing and seat combination. I'm going to pull the trigger on a Brown DayRider from Revzilla. I'm surprised BMW does not have a better handle on the opportunity costs associated with not having their accessory game up to speed. Roland Sands site is a mess. Mustang isn't updated. Corbin seems to be leader in the clubhouse
I’m waiting for my Corbin bags to arrive. Curious to see how they’ll look sans big fairing.


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These bags are really nicely designed.
I'm tempted but I find them ridiculously expensive ....


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Thank you. May be a dumb question but how did you wire them in?
It’s not dumb. I used their wiring harness running three wires under the tank from the relay to the battery for power and a wire to the aux socket for switched power. Three wires up to the handle bars from the relay to the switch. All the other wires tucked into the opening of the tank behind the front fork triple tree with the relay attached to the bottom of the triple tree with two wire ties. Relay is waterproof