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hi , was looking at the custom page and saw your nice r18 with whitewalls , classy .
is the r nine t racer and Ducati in the background also in your stable ?
very varied selection . I have the same taste . how do you decide what you are going to ride ?
Those aren’t my bikes, the picture was just copied from Facebook. Sorry to disappoint
My apology, I’ve sent many photos on this forum but it is not letting me do it now. You can call me with questions at 812-483-3913. BTW Pro Race still has not sent my full titanium exhaust. It has been close to a month now. Regards, Tony
Nice bike. I also have the 100th anniversary. It’s on display at BMW Melbourne until I can ride it in July. But I own it. I’ve never ridden one. Are you happy with yours?
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Thanks and Congrats!!! so far so good before winter came last year.. I can't wait to ride it again, hopefully soon when the snow melts.