BMW/Mustang Weekender seat $400

Still available and at a great price. Reward your butt cheeks and ride these awesome machines all day. I’m told that new these seats are over $1000. Still asking $400 plus shipping.
No sore butts out there? Still for sale, treat your hiney and ride your bike longer than 30 minutes. Also perfect for placing your helmet during rest stops.


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Sigh, trouble with forums is you have to be on all the time. Can the seat be on without the pinion portion? Can back rest be bought
from BMW only if I decide I must have it? How better than the stock R 18 classic seat? You pay shipping and I will give you the 400$.
The difference between the Weekender and the stock seat, at least on a Classic, is night and day. The stock 719 seat, while beautiful, became painful after 30 minutes. The Weekender lets me ride all day with no issues. Did a 12 hour trip recently with zero butt pain. The seat does put you closer to the tank an inch or so and will raise you up about 2 inches.
I thought it was only one innch. I can't do 2 without being back to the balls of my feet.
Does anyone make a seat that won't loose me height or at least very little?