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Hi all,

I am considering painting all chrome parts on the engine of my R18 FE. Thus the cylinder covers (11129443751 and 11129443752), manifold covers (11619444800 and 11619444799), front motor cover (11149444854) and cover for the intake silencer (13718413913 and 13718413914).

My bike is equipped with the chrome package, and it's kind of a shame to 'destroy' all that beautiful chrome. Also, brushed aluminium parts will be easier to prep for paint. So if anyones is interested to upgrade (for a fair price) from brushed aluminium covers to full chrome..... let me know.

Needless to say that all my parts are in mint condition.

I am based in Europe, and I seek other europeans to avoid high shipping costs and duty taxes.

Cheers, Markuzz.
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