Crash Bars for Sale! 38mm! Gloss Black!


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As some of you may know Ive had to remove my crash bars due to installing the Pro Race SR-1 system. So now its up for sale! I really am going to miss them. I bought them new for $250. Im willing to drop them for $160 + shipping. They are already off the bike and can be shipped TODAY! See pics for condition only 1 has a small gash on the bottom that cant be seen when installed, comes with the hardware. Thanks.IMG_2960.jpegIMG_2961.jpegIMG_2962.jpegIMG_2963.jpegIMG_2964.jpegIMG_2966.jpegIMG_2967.jpeg
Thanks for the response. I almost pulled the trigger, but the site said they were incompatible with the bagger.
Actually, that one does work with the bagger, the other type mount gets in the way of the steering damper. I ran into that issue getting the bars for mine. The bars with the mount in the first pic gets in the way of the damper, the mount in the second pic is the one you want


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I "think" it is not so much the diameter of the pipe, but also even more so, the thickness of the steel that makes up the pipe. I may be wrong.....