Looking for R18 Aftermarket exhaust


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Hey everyone. Looking to purchase an aftermarket exhaust for my 21’ FE, not a huge fan of the fishtails and the aftermarket new ones are extremely pricey. If you have anything let me know! I’m located in Ottawa ON, Canada.
That's just it. I'm a little strapped at the moment, after buying the bike.

So... I guess as little as possible? The fishtails just don't do it for me and the bike looks great with short pipes - that reveal the exposed drive better.

Maybe $500- 600? I don't know.

I like the Unit Garage Silencers Kit but it's $1750 or so, delivered. That might have to be an "on down the road" deal.
Yea to be honest. It’s a tough call. Nothing for this bike is budget. I guess for now the best bet would be the shortys from Pro Race. That’s in budget and short. Very nice raw sound.
They should be a quick way to a nice exhaust. Im currently riding around with no slip ons. Im waiting for my Pro Race full titanium system to come in. In the meantime it's nice to have all the rumbling not so much for my neighbors though. :ROFLMAO::giggle:
Just got these yesterday afternoon and they sound great! Cleans up the look (to my eye, anyway), probably dropped 50 lbs of exhaust weight, and the driveshaft can be seen MUCH better. These were about $250 to my door after tax and shipping from the UK. Thanks for the feedback about them - this is a solid option until I can afford the Unit Garage exhaust.


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