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New R18 Classic owner from UK.


New member
Official hello to all who appreciate the R18
Mine arrived Thursday and immediately broke down (fuel connection not properly secured). This probably due to the tank removal for custom paint work. All working nicely now and looking forward to putting on the miles. Moving from HD Fat Bob which I loved the look of but never found the ride position quite to my liking.
Absolutely gorgeous!

Desert Rat

New member
I hope you enjoy your R18 Classic, since March I have had 2300 carefree miles on my R18 classic.

I am based in South Devon, will take delivery of a new R18 TC on Thursday.

Desert Rat

New member
Nothing wrong with the R18 classic just wanted the added equipment and features that the R18 TC provides.
Although I did find the lack of a fuel gauge and the small front mudguard meant a lot of cleaning had to be done. Definitely no wet rider riding. My previous bike was HD Ultra Limited with all the bells and whistles.
I definitely liked the look of the TC. Very comfortable looking bike. The Classic looks like it might be a little easier to clean than my Fat Bob.