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Quick video showing off BMW's inner bags for the Bagger / Transcontinental


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I couldn't find any photos or videos of these online that weren't tiny images on a BMW Parts site.

Part Numbers, Name & Pricing:

77 41 2 465 666

77 43 2 465 667

77 41 2 467 604

I did not buy the top case organizer in fear it would take away the ceiling in the top case that allows me to fit my helmet in there but I did like the idea of having 3 bags I could stuff with things off-bike then load into the bike and remove if I was going to walk up a hotel flight of stairs on an overnighter. I was hoping that these would fully fill the cases (they don't) and keep my side boxes looking great without any scratches or staining. For example, I put a paper wrapped hoggie in my side case and the plastic got grease stains on it. The bag would have helped me avoid that.

Anyway, $100 per side and $125 for the top case. I did a quick video showing what these look like:

These are available state-side and ship immediately if you order from your dealer. Like most things R18, first party is just the way to go. We don't have a big aftermarket yet for stuff like this like the GS / RT world does with Storm Industries / Kathy's making these nice nylon cases. I think BMW did a good job.