Shorty Exhaust - Chrome - SOLD

Flappers have been disconnected since last season. Even drilled out the my Classic's stock pipes.

When I was doing all that work last year, I took it out before I finished drilling the holes. Both slip ons were off and I needed a new hole saw. I smoked the Milwaukee hole saw i was using and needed a replacement to finish the second pipe. Thought it would be fun to run it with unmuffled to the hardware store. I was kinda half way though the project when I picked up and left to get supplies. I accidentally only disconnected one of the servos. One flap was stuck open and disconnected, the other was still functional and closed. It sounded absolutely an old Lanz Bulldog.

After I got back, i removed the servo controller and took it for another ride just to hear the bike without both mufflers both servos was fun.

Both mufflers have been on since that day. Even with the stock slipons drilled out and my servos stuck open, things are still too quiet. Hell, the family mover, a mint 1997 Chevy Express conversion van, has a louder exhaust (SBC 350, headers, 3" piping, and a flowmaster series 10 muffler). I can't continue to be outdone by my wife in our van that shuttles our 5 kids around.
OK so I guess I really do not need the shorty's.... My wife would trip everytime I start the the bike... She already does with my ZX-6 and 335is :D
The fishtale look is iconic for the r18 pure, like them or hate them.

The shorties really show off how beautiful the rear of the bike and shaft look. Another clear winner.

Just another long barrel exhaust on a cruiser, meh... YMMV