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Day Rider vs Stock Seat


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Well … Mustang may well produce different browns, but I have never seen anything offered by the Motorrad other than black and the “true color” brown as I have tried to post. I know it sounds crazy, but as different as the seats look above in the side by side, I dare say it is the lighting —my own seat has varied wildly in different photos. I’m heading to my dealer in a bit to look at the Cross Country firsthand and I will bring the topic up with them.


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At the dealer. One pic of one seat with my hand partially blocking the overhead lighting. Two completely different colors on what I see as the only brown on all available brown R18 saddles offered in the building. Sources there are unaware of another, excepting Corbin, etc.
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A lot of folks are curious about various seats and usually want to know what the differences are. I was able to get a great deal on a used Day Rider so before I switched the seats out I took a few side by side pics and a before and after pic so anyone interested could see the differences. My goal is to help others decide whether or not the Day Rider is a seat they might be interested in. I haven't rode it yet but sitting on it in the barn it's a noticeably different feel. I'll be using it as a solo seat but the last couple of pics are photos of the pillion mounted on the bike for reference.

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Your pic’s combined with the assistance of Alex B had me purchase this seat on EBay at a pretty good price. Many thanks to you both.


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I actually prefer the light brown color. This is a picture of my Indian ChiefView attachment 5286
Flovely. Is it the photo or is there a slight color difference between the saddlebags and the rest of the leather? I decided to install hard bags on mine. I have a (hard) trunk for it as well - I'll install that soon. How do you manage to keep the whitewalls on the rear wheel so pristinely white. I really struggle with mine and have noticed, following a Vintage forum, that I am not alone.


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It's been a while since I started this thread. I've put a few hundred miles on the Day Rider seat and IMO it's better than the stock seat but it won't change your life. It is more comfortable and supportive but not drastically so. The styling is a big improvement. The stitching on the Day Rider looks a lot better than the plain OEM seat. Overall I'm glad I switched seats but if I had paid full MSRP from the stealer I wouldn't be as happy. It's not a $600 improvement by any stretch.