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Hornig engine crash bars


It’s the same bars. CraftRide is the name of the manufacturer for his bars and mine. He wrote Road Craft in his first post but then CraftRide later. Hornig is a reseller. My bars had the CraftRide stickers on them. I found shipping by Hornig was less expensive than Motea but Motea is running a sale now so you should look at both sites.
Thank, I’ll take a look at them. I’m thinking I could take them to my local powder coating shop and have them color matched closer to the bike.


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How do you like the sissy bar? How was the install? It looks good. I like that it’s black like the engine bars. My significant other wanted a sissy bar and I was thinking of adding one but the BMW offerings don’t exist. I haven’t looked into other brands yet.
I definitely like the sissy bar! It comes off in 5 seconds. I installed 80mm M8 stainless steel rods with 2 nuts as a spacer between the bushings for the sissy bar and the side bags. the bags slide over the protruding end of the rods and I secure them with wing nuts on the inside of the bags. Now the bags come off in 30 seconds for cleaning.

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Can't get over the cost of genuine screws & bolts from BMW! I thought the price might be for a bag, not a single bolt.
So I recently received these bars from Hornig. Maybe I'm being too picky but the attached two pictures were areas on the bars where they hang as part of the powder coating process which I thought the manufacturer should have address before shipping. The bars themselves seem to be of good quality. I'm getting some touchup paint to cover up those areas but realistically you probably wouldn't see these areas when the bars are mounted. The bars are branded Craftride, the same as the ones on Motea https://www.motea.com/en/engine-gua...-crash-bar-38mm-craftride-mv5-black-a130021-0 . Hornig did a great job shipping them out right away from Germany to my location in the US and I received them in about 5 days including the weekend.

The hardware that comes with these bars have hex heads. I wanted Torx heads to match the rest of the bike so I ordered the some of the screws that come with the OEM engine bars that you can see here under Accessories https://shop.maxbmw.com/fiche/DiagramsMain.aspx?vid=61577&rnd=09082020 . The Hornig/Craftride bars use the screws M10x25, 10.9 on the lower sections near the bottom of the frame and the BMW ones are M30x30 10.9. Because these bars are thicker than the OEM ones the other two screws mounted near the top are larger too, M10x40 10.9 and M10x55 10.9 but the dealer wasn't able to locate any. If anyone know of someone who sells M10x40 10.9 and M10x55 10.9 screws with Torx heads please let me know.

BTW. If anyone is looking for touchup paint for our bikes in Black Storm Metallic no dealers I tried could get it. The one place I found to order it is here www.touchupdirect.com . It's not cheap and hopefully worth it.



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Just took advantage of the Black Friday sale that Motea is having on the craft ride crashbar MV5 Black and total with shipping to US was $263.93. Shipping is via UPS.