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Tons FE parts. Gotta go


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I've got a set of these Ness mirrors, took them off after one ride. Poor quality glass and hard to see anything. They do vibrate quite a bit.
Haha there is a reason stock mirrors are big and ugly. Have you ever had a cool mirror set better than stock? Not me unless they are just as big and ugly (aka winderkuck etc)

Fwiw mine dont vubrate at all . Weird.


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I read somewhere that the stock mirrors can induce some of the turbulence in the cockpit area. I had my doubts, but after removing them and adding bar-end mirrors --there might be something to it.
Ken, I received the mufflers. THANK YOU !!

they arrived so well packed and protected in your cocoon of bubble wrap in perfect minty condition.

The mufflers are flawless perfect, not one blemish !!

So grateful , appreciated
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