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DK Designs Crash Bar Installation


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I decided to take the plunge and invest in any means necessary to get Mrs. Todkavonic on the R18. Towards this end, the ridiculously overpriced, albeit extremely well-done, Wunderlich passenger back rest/sissy bar co-opted my saddle bag perch real estate for now. Order to arrival was 2 days. I went with chrome and used the black bolts. It works with the over-the-top, holy chrome-mountain, chrometacular thing I have going on.

Speaking of chrome, I also added engine guards. I picked the DK (tie-in to this thread) over others due to their girth. Them's thick bars, right there. Assembly was easy, crap "instructions" notwithstanding.

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We'll do this until the bobber options materialize and then maybe, probably, ok likely, change gears.

/I have become that which I had forsaken.
We’ll, now that you’ve created the WunderBobber, any interest in parting with the ridiculously overpriced Wunderlich back rest?