What did you do to your R18 today?

Went for a ride today... had a bulb warning message come up and stay on..... could not see anything obvious.... so I guess I will be an expert on that after the weekend.

Also... was at the cemetary placing flowers on a grave and had a guy come up to me to ask about the bike.... that was a first.
The DNA airfilter stage 2 kit arrived today....... 30 minutes later it was in..... wife was at the hairdressers... so it was like nothing happened.... I 'd pay 10% extra for bike stuff to be delivered whilst the wife is out.....


Anyway, proper ride romorrow... but an around the block quick one showed that the filter makes an obvious difference.... I've tried varous filters over the years on cars and bikes and never felt such a difference to this extent. (mostly just induction noise normally) .... will report back tomorrow after a 150km hills ride. I will only be riding 5,000km a year in fine weather... so I am not overly worried about the poor filtration ability of the oiled cotton filters.... so this is just a $200 play for now....

Also added a phone holder.... wired to the aux socket wire pair. I've had one of these on my r nine t for 18 months and the phone hasn't fallen off yet. I really didn't want to add anything to the bars... ruins the "old" look.... but I like to see a map of where I am riding.... so I can take interesting roads as I go.... not "navigating" as such.... just sailing where the wind'n tide takes me...


Also... a photo of the 25mm risers.... am pretty happy with the riding position with them..... may just keep them and get longer brake and cluth lines.... instead of trying to find bars or risers that give me a similar reach and all the hassle that goes with that

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Not today ... but yesterday, said goodbye to my exhaust flapper/servos.
Bought a couple of these from RevZilla
.. and did what I always do, added a little more protection to them ... considering they will live on the bottom of the bike

a side note ... IMO there is no better electrical tape than Scotch Super 33+

Anyway, the servo came out super easy .. one screw took out the entire assembly .. very nice


... and there was enough room in that plastic tray on the bottom to fit the 'Servo Buddies' in and zip tie them down


So now I have plenty space to put a jack under the swing arm and not have to worry about crushing something.

... First impression, sound did not change at speed .. but standing on a stop or taking off seems a bit more 'growly' ... I like it ... but I had plenty of
noise before ... the point was more making space down there ... and that is my story and I am sticking to it ;)